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I’ve always been crafty (from a design point of view, not sly 🙂 ) but I had never made cards until around 4 years ago. It was my boyfriend’s grandparent’s wedding anniversary and because it wasn’t one of the big ones we couldn’t find any special card for them so I decided to make one (as pictured). And that was it, I haven’t stopped since then and I absolutely love it. 

Happy Anniversary Card

My 1st Card

I find it really rewarding to get something like “you’re very clever” (mainly from my boyfriend’s grandad). There’s no price for that! 🙂 

I put a lot of effort into every design and every card – probably more than what you would guess from the finished job and I like trying to target the person’s taste – my dear friend Anne for example doesn’t like birds so I won’t be making any cards with birds for her. 

Sometimes (hopefully it’s not just me) I need to make a card and depending on my mood or how tired I am my mind is completely blank and I can’t come up with any designs. On occasions like that I find it really helpful to browse the web in search for inspiration. 

I take a picture of every card I make (or most of them) to keep a record and until now those pictures were just sitting on my hard drive.  I thought they could maybe help other crafters get some ideas. 

Thanks for reading this! Please feel free to comment.