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Cards Made with my Designs

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Latest Designs

Below are some of my latest designs. Click on the pictures to see a bigger image:

Busy Gardener: Perfect for garden lovers this busy gardener is taking care of his garden or his allotment.

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Ready for the World Cup? Red pick up carrying drinks, flags and a football, only the telly is missing!

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Mini for Father’s Day or Birthdays

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Blue Audi For Father’s Day or for Birthdays and other occasions. The number plate reads ‘B35T D4D’ (BEST DAD)

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Add buttons to your cards

I love adding bits and pieces to my handmade cards to make them more interesting.  There are so many things we can add! My favourites are buttons and bows.  See some of my cards below… hope you like them!

What’s in a greeting card

Not many years ago people would just buy any card for the required occasion, probably not giving a second thought.  Now, with so many options available they might browse a bit more (unless they’re in a rush) to try to find the perfect card or sometimes they will just order exactly what they want to a designer or a card maker that will make a special card on request.  I find that handmade cards, created from design sheets or with bits and pieces from our stack are the best. They not only send the message ‘I took the time to find (or make) this card for you’, they also have a ‘bit of love’ of the person who made them.  As a designer I put a lot of time and effort into every card or design I create hoping the person who receives the card will like it at least as much as I do. If I achieve that then all the work will be worth it.

Greeting cards are not only pieces of cardstock, there’s a bit of the designer and the card maker in them as well…

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